Welcome to my website!

My name is Anna, and I am a wedding photographer specializing in adventurous weddings & elopements. Here’s a little bit about me to help you get a feel for if we might be a good fit!

I am a 22 year old with a passion for national parks and driving long distances. I have been blessed to be born and raised in the beautiful state of Utah where the landscape is vast, and the canyons many. Before I even picked up a camera, I would drive, hike, and explore the mountain passes, canyons, and deserts with a passion and desire to find the most serene, untouched, and beautiful places my home state had to offer. I was fortunate enough to attend college in rural central Utah, where the land was virtually unchanged for hundreds of years, besides the tiny farming towns that littered the corners of valleys cut deep in mountain ranges. I would pick a small town on the map, explore its history, and travel up the corresponding canyon.

I saw a lot this way. I learned a lot this way. I found inspiration.

I’ve taken this inspiration with me as I’ve traveled across the country shooting weddings in other wild, untouched places.

If you want photos in a place unlike anywhere you’ve ever been or experienced, I will take you there. I’ll capture your story. And we can listen to 80’s music on the way.