Travis + Sarah Wedding Day

Shooting this wedding was very special for me. The Naisbitts are some of my closest friends, and it was so fun to shoot a second wedding for them this summer. 

Mayumi + Josh

Mayumi and Josh are one my absolute favorite couples. We didn't know each other before their wedding day, but I have never connected with a couple so quickly.

I had the chance to shoot their first look before they went in to their sealing, and it was one of the sweetest moments I've ever captured. All day, you could just see the joy and love these guys had for them, and the love everyone who was a part of their day had for them. Besides that, these guys know how to throw a PARTY. Their wedding reception was an absolute blast. I tried my hand at some Latin dancing, and (spoiler alert) I was absolutely horrible at it. #StillFunTho #PhotographyIsMyOnlyTalent #DancingIsDefNot.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite pictures from their day!

One Time I Had an Idea and It Only Kind of Worked But the Pics Were Still Dope

So I bought these smoke bombs on the fourth of July thinking, "I can do a really basic patriotic shoot with these!! Wowee!!" But then promptly forgot about them. When it was brought to my attention that I had un-used smoke bombs, I decided to take them downtown and make a couple choke on them. #Brilliant #Nice, Jeff and Summer were good sports, and the smoke bombs only kind of sucked.

Mirror Lake Bridals

When I first shot at this location a few months ago, I knew I had to come back for bridals. Paige had been wanting to get back into her wedding dress ever since she got married, and everything came together PERFECTLY. Florals were provided by my most favorite florist, @gingersnapflora. Enjoy!

Taylored Fashions Swimsuit Shoot

Love these pics even though Utah Lake is actually disgusting. Can't tell in the pics though!! This was also the Subie's first time modeling officially. I am a proud Subaru mom no doubt.

Yellowstone + Grand Teton National Parks

I had the opportunity to explore the vast Idaho/Wyoming/Idaho wilderness this weekend with some awesome people! I hadn't been to Yellowstone or the Tetons for a hot minute, and the other times I had gone were with all fifty billion of my cousins (whom I love dearly) so it was nice to have the freedom to see parts of the park we don't normally go to.

I tried to spend a lot of time working on landscapes but it takes everything out of me to take landscape pics, so most of these are just shots of my friends looking at stuff n things. Anyway. Here are some pics of mad hot springs. And mad mountain ranges. Hire me to take pics of you and your friends looking at rad stuff in national parks.