Welcome to About Me, extended edition.

You probably want to know a little bit about who you’re hiring. My name is Anna, and I’ve been a wedding photographer for a while now. I’ve photographed more weddings than I can count, and I’m passionate about bringing the two things I love most, which is happy people & the great outdoors (…and 80’s music), together. I want to alleviate the stress of traditional sessions and weddings, and help you create an experience you can really live in the moment in.

Alright, now some fun facts!!

-I love to hike, bike and swim. I’m really good at falling off of mountain bikes (Though, I’d rather fall off the bike going downhill than ride it uphill amiright), but much better at staying on a road bike.I love to hike all over the place, especially in southern Utah, and especially if it ends in a good swimming spot. Which speaking of.. I love to swim! I played water polo & was on the swim team for many moons, and being in open water is my happy place.

-My biggest regret is not being around for the 80’s, Not that I had much control over that… I love 80’s music. Rush. Yaz. Erasure. Depeche Mode. Wham!. You name it. My Best of 60’s-80’s is the most extensive playlist I have. I wear genuine 80’s glasses frames. Every swimsuit I own looks like I could wear it straight to an aerobics class. You get the idea.

-I have my EMT and Phlebotomy liscense. #LIFESAVER

-My Subaru Forester is my best friend. (Kidding, kinda) Subie 2 (RIP Subie 1) and I know no limits, making us the perfect pair to get you to some great spots.

-I am a grade-a wanderer and ground coverer. Even when I’m out of town, I manage to travel miles and miles and miles just to see what’s out there, which has provided me with quite the mental encyclopedia of great photo locations.

The most important fun fact:

-I always bring snacks to shoots.